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Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
  12/1/2019  - Points System-"Promoting Member Involvement!"

Members receive a point for each activity they attend throughout the year. Those points are then used to determine who is our most active member and who gets the opportunity to attend our end of the year chapter outing.

Original Date was August 9, 2016

Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  2/1/2020  - KSU Ag Ed Speech in Manhattan
Members of the chapter will travel to Manhattan to give their speeches at the K-State Ag Ed Speech Contest.
  2/26/2020  - District Selection Day - State Degrees, District Proficiency, NCA, Greenhand Stars
Growing Leaders - Scholarship
  12/1/2019  - Middle & High School Essay Contest
A contest that will be conducted in late January through early February. Students at Holton Middle & High School will have the chance to write an essay about how agriculture affects them or an ag-current event. These essays will be collected and judged by the Growing Leaders committee. They will place the top three, 1st place - $75, 2nd place - $50,  & 3rd place - $25. 
  2/1/2020  - FFA National Scholarships Submitted Online
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  12/1/2019  - 8th Grade Ag Olympics
  12/1/2019  - SAE Tours & Showcase-"Work Based Learning!"
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
  4/26/2020  - FFA Awards Ceremony
The officer team with host the annual chapter banquet in the HHS auditorium. Members will be recognized for their hard work throughout the school year. The banquet will end with a dessert bar reception. 
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
  12/1/2019  - Safety Poster Contest
The chapter will partner with the Jackson County Farm Bureau Association for the Farm Bureau Safety Poster Contest. This contest will be open to students kindergarten through fifth grade, as well as coloring pages for the preschool classes. Members will give a safety presentation to students to inform them of different farm safety practices.
  12/1/2019  - Chainsaw Safety Presentation
Many people are unaware of the proper way to use a chainsaw. The chapter will write a Living to Serve grant to have a chainsaw safety presentation for the entire student body. Attendees will learn proper chainsaw safety during a CRT presentation.
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Literacy
  12/1/2019  - CANCELLED - Western Farm Show
  5/1/2020  - Ag and Water Festival-"A Countywide Affair!"

Memebers of the Holton FFA Chapter partner with the Jackson County Conservation District to help with the Ag and Water Festival. Here, members brought different farm animals to teach elementary students basic animal facts, as well as safety. After the brief lesson, the children are able to interact up close with the members and animals.

Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
  1/12/2020  - Alumni Speech Night
Strengthening Agriculture - Support Group
  12/1/2019  - Chili Feed
Building Communities - Economic Development
Building Communities - Environmental
  12/1/2019  - In School Recycling
The FFA chapter will place recycling bins around the school in every classroom. At the end of the day, items will be collected, sorted and taken to the recycling center.
Building Communities - Human Resources
Building Communities - Citizenship
  10/26/2019  - Haunted School Help
  12/1/2019  - Adopt-A-Spot
Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
Chapter Officers:
Cailin Parks
Christopher Roush
Vice President
Hope Kebert
Olivia McAsey
Amariah Allen
Grace Utz


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